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Single-Ply Roof Restoration System

Single-Ply Restoration Systems restore and preserve EPDM, thermoplastic, thermoset, and other membranes.

Why choose a Single-Ply Cool Roof Restoration System?

  • Coatings are adaptable to nearly every type of Single-Ply membrane.
  • Reduces future maintenance costs with fast and economical repairs.
  • Life expectancy of the roof more than doubles.
  • Warranty available.

Steps taken for installation:

  1. Address all problem areas. Repair with like materials.
  2. Power wash, removing dirt and debris.
  3. Wash seams, preparing for fabric face Butyl Tape.
  4. Apply fabric faced Butyl Tape to all seams.
  5. Apply primer to promote adhesion.
  6. Apply a highly reflective coating.

Asphalt Cool Roof Restoration System

Asphalt Cool Roof Restoration Systems restore, protect, cool, and preserve the life of your asphalt roof with complete restoration systems for degraded asphalt roofs. 

Why choose an Asphalt Cool Roof Restoration System?

  • Restoration costs may be as low as 20% of total tear-off and replacement costs; materials are easily applied.
  • Makes the inconvenience, risk, and environmental implications of a roof tear-off unnecessary.
  • Coatings are adaptable to asphalt and modified Bitumen roofs.
  • Excellent resistance to dirt pick-up.
  • Repairs are fast and economical.
  • Stop further roof deterioration and reduce future maintenance costs.
  • Bring your building back under a class 1 rating.

Metal Roof Restoration System

Metal Roof Restoration restores and cools roofs. 

Why choose a Metal Cool Roof Restoration System?

  • Because no fabric is used on the vertical and horizontal seams, issues such as trapped moisture, air pockets and excessive installation labor are no longer a concern.
  • Restoration costs may be as low as 20% of total tear-off and replacement costs; materials are easily applied.
  • Over 30 years of proven performance and is tested and approved by UL and FM Global.
  • Repairs are fast and economical.
  • Reduces future maintenance costs.
  • 80 mils of protection over problem seams, fasteners, and around penetrations.

Steps taken for Metal Roof Restoration:

  1. Prepare the roof by removing dirt and debris.
  2. Apply primer to all rusty areas.
  3. Polyurethane sealant is applied to the seams, fasteners, and penetrations.
  4. Two coats of product are applied to achieve desired mil thickness.

Polyurethane Foam & Elastomeric Coating System

Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) and coating is one of the most reliable, sustainable, energy efficient, and low maintenance roofing systems available.

Why choose a Polyurethane Foam & Elastomeric Coating System?

  • This system is adaptable to virtually any substrate and shape.
  • Because SPF is monolithic, foam and coatings are the perfect finishing choice for restoration of most types of roofing.
  • Lower cooling and heating costs.
  • SPF has the highest R value per inch of any insulation.
  • No thermal bridging

Steps taken for Polyurethane Foam & Elastomeric Coating:

  1. Remove excess gravel and debris. Power wash roof removing any loose materials.
  2. Apply polyurethane foam to entire field to achieve desired R-VALUE. Determine best coating option for roof (acrylic, polyurethane).
  3. Apply base coat at recommended rate, covering all foam applied.
  4. Apply reflective finish coat at recommended rate to achieve desired coating dry mils.

Once completed, start saving money on heating and cooling bills IMMEDIATELY.

To discuss your roofing needs or if you have any questions or issues regarding your roof, please contact us at 620-754-3300.

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